Lutz Campus

18333 Exciting Idlewild Blvd.
Lutz, FL 33548

Idlewild at The Springs

8209 N 19th St
Tampa, FL 33604

Iglesia Bautista Idlewild

Main Campus, Student Building, Hall 2

2017 Women’s Ministry Calendar

2017 Women’s Ministry Calendar

Women’s Ministry 2017 Calendar

Ongoing Bible Studies
In His Image 4/8
Priscilla Shirer Simulcast 4/8
Crafting for Christ 4/13
Women’s Compassion Project 4/15
Beth Moore in Orlando 4/28-29

Tampa Bay National Day of Prayer Brunch 5/4 CLICK HERE for more information
Crafting for Christ 5/11
In His Image Luncheon 5/13
Mother’s Day 5 /14
Scripting Moments 5/21

In His Image Luncheon 6/10
Summer Bible Study 6/19

In His Image Luncheon 7/8
Scripting Moments 7/9
Crafting for Christ 7/13

Women’s Bible Studies (refer to LCU webpage for class descriptions and times)
Ladies Prayer Tea 8/3
Chick In 8/6
Crafting for Christ 8/10
In His Image Luncheon 8/12

Ongoing Bible Studies
In His Image Luncheon 9/9
Bible Study Luncheon 9/12
Crafting for Christ 9/14
Women’s Overnight Compassion Project 9/15-16
Discipleship/Mentoring Training 9/23

Ongoing Bible Studies
Bible Study Luncheon 10/3
In His Image Luncheon 10/14
Holiday Tables 10/26

Bible Study Luncheon 11/7
In His Image Luncheon 11/11
Military Connection 11/11
Scripting Moments 11/12

Military Connection Service Project 12/2
In His Image Luncheon 12/9