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Serving In Greece

Serving In Greece

There is another opportunity to go to Greece coming up this fall to work with the Greeks and with the refugees in Thessaloniki. The trip will be October 13th through 21st and will cost $1,800.

We will be ministering in:

Assisting in teaching English as a second language
Providing humanitarian support to the refugees that are living in Thessaloniki
Prayer walking some neighborhoods
Ministering to the homeless

Conducting cultural surveys as a tool to share the Gospel

Check out this testimony from our April trip:

David and I went to Thessaloniki Greece with Mark and Joyce in April 2017, it was a great trip, it was one of the best missions trip I have ever been on. It was very unique and it utilized my strengths but it also challenged me.

We had a small team of 6 so that made it very intimate. We catered to the Syrian and Kurdish refugees waiting to be re-located to a permanent residence in any of the 11 European countries that have agreed to accept them. In respecting their wishes, minimum photos were taken & no postings on Facebook.

We assisted with food distribution to 80 families. During that time, we promoted the ESL classes with childcare. We shared Christ and the gospel and we were encouraged that they has been exposed to Christianity back in Syria so it was not the first time for them to hear the gospel.

We were privileged to have one on one conversations with the refugees. We communicated with hand signals, photo/video on a cell phone or an interpreter. They wanted us to know that Syria is their home and it was a great place to live before their country was abruptly changed and they were forced to leave their beloved homeland. Now they depend on foreign strangers for travel, shelter, food & safety.

I consistently think & pray for all of them. I also thank God that he allowed me to have this life changing opportunity.

Would you consider the opportunity to serve God in Greece?

DATE: October 13-21

COST: IBC Member Cost: $1800.00
Includes: transportation (air and land), lodging and food (does not include food while traveling)
$500 deposit required with application
(Application will not be processed without the deposit)

Max of 7 volunteers trained to share the gospel

TEAM LEADER: Mark Baumgartner