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Unexpected Blessings In Costa Rica

Unexpected Blessings In Costa Rica

Our Signature Partner in Costa Rica has had some big blessings in the past year or two. The last report that we wrote about from Pastor Jaime was how extremely difficult the work can be on the mission field and how great the need is for more help. (See “Working Hard In Costa Rica“)

That previous report was the story of great blessings, God was bringing many people into the church, the tiny building was filled wall to wall. Sunday morning services were so packed that they couldn’t fit anymore people and the children’s programs had outgrown their building and were meeting off campus.

Many of the new people that came were a result of our mission trips, a lot of people were saved through the door to door evangelism efforts of our teams that go down there each year. God was moving in this village and in the other surrounding communities but he didn’t reveal anything about how the church was going to be able to sustain all of this growth with such a small building that couldn’t hold all of these people. Until one day a man in the community stepped up.

God was working in the heart of a man that had some property close to the church. He desires to remain anonymous so we will call him John in this story. John has been coming to this little church for a few years now and never gave any indication to Pastor Jaime of what God was doing in his heart.

Pastor Jaime is praying for a larger building but he doesn’t see any signs that God is going to provide. Finally one day John revealed to Pastor Jaime that God was prompting him to offer the parcel of land next to his house to the church to have the Sunday morning services outdoors. Some of Johns property was already being used during the week for kid’s ministry and one of our mission teams did VBS there.

The property was also being offered to the church to purchase but the price was too much for this small congregation, the land was perfect but the money and the building permits would be a huge obstacle to overcome, God is still blessing with more growth but there still seems to be nothing in God’s plans to provide a building.

Pastor Jaime is tired, drained, heart broken for the church, God doesn’t seem to have a plan to give them room to grow. He is completely unaware that God is providing the answer to his prayer but the answer was not being revealed yet.

John is preparing the inside of his house to become the new church without Jaime knowing anything about it. The interior walls were torn down and a large meeting space was created that would be the auditorium with smaller rooms on the side for classroom space.

There wouldn’t be any church fund-raisers, there wouldn’t be any land to purchase or building permits to apply for. God was supplying a much more simple answer to Pastor Jaime’s prayers that wouldn’t require any debt.

After the old house was stripped and almost completely remodeled John invites Pastor Jaime over to reveal the new church building. Jaime steps into what he thought was John’s home to see that it had been converted into a new church building that is almost completed. Pastor Jaime was very surprised to see an answer to his prayers from a totally different angle that he could have imagined.

Praise God for the blessings, he answers our prayers in his way and with his timing, continue to pray for the ministry of this small church in Tarcoles, Costa Rica.