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Women’s Ministry Calendar

Women’s Ministry Calendar

2020 Women’s Ministry Calendar (dates subject to change)

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 1/11
Bible Studies begin 1/27

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 2/8
She Loves Out Loud 2/15

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 3/14
Pop Up Scripture* 3/22 & 3/25
Disciple Making Training** 3/26

Buddy Break Service Project 4/4
In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 4/11
Disciple Making Intensive** 4/24 & 4/25
Pop Up Scripture* 4/26

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 5/9
Pop Up Scripture* 5/17

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 6/13
Pop Up Scripture* 6/24
Be sure to register for your Heartfelt Group!

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 7/11
Pop Up Scripture* 7/29

Buddy Break Service Project 8/1
Prayer Tea for America 8/6
In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 8/8
Pop Up Scripture* 8/12
Heartfelt Groups kickoff for fall semester

Pop Up Scripture 9/8 email for Zoom link
Disciple Making Training: the What, Why, and How of Disciple Making** 9/10
In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 9/12
Women’s Missions Trip to NYC 9/12-9/18
Disciple Making Intensive: A Disciple Making Curriculum** 9/25 & 9/26
Pop Up Scripture* 9/30

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 10/10
Pop Up Scripture* 10/11

Buddy Break Service Project 11/7
Veteran’s Day Brunch 11/7
Pop Up Scripture* 11/11
In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 11/14

In His Image Widow’s Luncheon 12/12

*Pop Up Scripture

Sundays, 8 am, E214:
  • Death of Shame, March 22, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Confronting Anxiety, April 26, Jodie Montgomery
  • Women in the Church, May 17, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Discipleship & Brokenness, October 11, Pastor Edgar Aponte
Wednesdays, 5:15 pm, E102:
  • Centrality of the Local Church, March 25, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Creating an Inviting Culture, June 24, Bev Coney
  • Death and Lament, July 29, Pastor Edgar Aponte
  • Domestic Violence Awareness, August 12, Jodie Montgomery & Kathi Snyder Ramirez
  • Realistic Friendships, September 30, Allison McCoy
  • Biblical Forgiveness, November 11, Jodie Montgomery


**Disciple Making Training

Women’s Discipleship Basic Training: the What, Why, and How of Making Disciples – Jesus made it clear that His method for spreading the Gospel and the Kingdom of GOD is US!  WE are to make disciples.  What does that mean exactly?  What does it look like? Come learn what the Bible teaches about making disciples and be encouraged that it is something ANYONE can and should do!  You will learn the vision, how to find hungry women, and how to get started. If you are already making disciples, this will equip you with more tools for your mission and acquaint you with other women with the same passion.  We are better together! Disciple making training is available for women seeking basic training and intensive preparation.

Women’s Discipleship Training Intensive: A Disciple Making Curriculum  – This course is for anyone who wants to teach others to be solidly grounded in biblical faith. (Or those who want to learn the basics themselves!) It covers such essentials as assurance of salvation, walking in the power of the Spirit, understanding and applying forgiveness, discerning God’s will, and spiritual disciplines like prayer, daily time with God, and memorizing and meditating on Scripture.  The goal is for you to be armed with a tool that you can easily pass on to others. This training defines disciple making and mentoring and provides the basics needed to get started or enhance your disciple making. All training is worthwhile as a huge encouragement to be disciple makers.
If you are interested in finding out more about discipleship, you do not need to wait for a training to get your questions answered or get involved!  Contact one of our Women’s Ministry Discipleship Coordinators through our Women’s Ministry office at 813.264.8791 or


You May Also Be Interested In:

Abortion Recovery: Healing Grace classes are held off campus in three locations, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel and North Tampa.  For more information please contact Debbie with Oasis Pregnancy Center on her confidential line at  813.607.2468

Firm Believers Christian Aerobics: Workouts are choreographed to beautiful Christian music to be uplifted physically and spiritually! Firm Believers meets Monday and Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30 in the 3rd floor atrium. Use the elevators or stairs nearest the special events desk. Contact the recreation department with questions at 813.264.8759 . Ladies of all ages and in all stages are welcome!