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8th Grade Wired

8th Grade Wired

It’s that time of the year where we send our 8th graders off to High School – but before they go, we want to recognize them by giving them the opportunity to lead their peers to the foot of the cross. 8th Grade Wired is a middle school service that is facilitated by our 8th grade class – from the worship to the preaching, and everything in between – our 8th graders will run the show. Below you will find details as to the roles and responsibilities of each student for that evening:

Date: August 8, 2018

Time: 6:30pm

Place: Hall 1 – Student Building

**Parents and families are welcomed and encouraged to spend the evening with us.



**A Student Ministry leader will be contacting you to give you specific details about your area of focus (i.e. songs for the band, speaking topics, announcements, etc.)


** On stage, leading students to the cross in worship

  1. Sarah Crawford – Vocals
  2. Hannah Ruckman – Vocals
  3. Katie Perry – Vocals
  4. Laura Watford – Guitar
  5. Amber Rodriguez – Vocals
  6. Riah Brewer – Vocals / Guitar
  7. Garrett Rose – Guitar
  8. Nick Perry – Guitar
  9. Jake Perry – Guitar
  10. Drew Bradstreet – Keys


Production / Tech:

** In production booth, helping to facilitate the technical side of the evening.

  1. Braden Walker
  2. Theo Somerville
  3. Noah Vickery
  4. Matthew Guthrie
  5. Rea Campbell
  6. Riley Sutton
  7. Eleanora Moore
  8. Stephen Rollings



** Video Announcements – shot in advance in the studio. Updates students on what’s going on in the Student Ministry.

  1. Riley Golden
  2. Kaitlyn Ryan
  3. Rebecca Stumpfhauser
  4. Sydney Barner


Charge / Challenge:

** A Charge / Challenge to the other students in middle school to lead with conviction and character.

  1. Sarah Blackstone
  2. Claire Minter
  3. Courtney Walters
  4. Katie Miller


Call to Worship:

** To prepare hearts and minds for worship,  both in music and in Word.

  1. Savannah Smith



** To create a fun and engagement element for students to connect

  1. Luke Jeffcoat
  2. Wes Martinez
  3. Josh Cobb
  4. Dominic Moore


Welcome Team: 

** To welcome all students in the middle school room – a high five, or a hug goes a long way

  1. Bri Lyall
  2. Brianna Sanborn
  3. Luke Jeffcoat
  4. Wes Martinez
  5. Josh Cobb
  6. Dominic Moore
  7. Riley Golden
  8. Kaitlyn Ryan
  9. Rebecca Stumpfhauser
  10. Sydney Barner


Visitor Table:

** All new visitors need to be greeted and welcomed by a friendly face, and a sweet spirit.

  1. Braden Hernandez

Guess the Amount:

** It wouldn’t be middle school without “Guess the Amount”. You pick the candy, you choose the number, and we see who gets the closest. You get to reveal it.

  1. Clay McDonald



** The opportunity to open God’s Word and share important truths with the group.

  1. Hayden Yarbrough
  2. Ella Knouse
  3. Savannah Tucker