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A ‘how to’ advent post!

A ‘how to’ advent post!

I have always loved “advent devotionals”, and the focus it brings to the season. This year I begged Jodie to please write one for us to share on social media and the women’s ministry blog. To me, there’s something extra special about children and Christmas, so as an added bonus, we recruited children in our children’s ministry specifically the Kids Kare kiddos) to draw the artwork. How sweet is that?!?

Each day, we will have a snippet of our devotion on both our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Both of these social media accounts will link to our blog which will have the full devotion for that day, plus downloadable artwork for you to print out and use as an ornament, or however you would like! The artwork will be in black and white, which you can leave as is, or color. (Feel free to get the kids in on this and have them color!) The design of this is for you to set up your own tree of remembrance (table top, sticks, real, or fake) and print each ornament out to hang on your tree. (Or garland, or wreath…)

Here’s how I tackled this with my two boys, ages 5 & 7.

Since there are 24 printable images in total, I divided them up equally between the 3 of us. You can peek ahead at the images to come through this link. I then dove head first into all of my art supplies…I did not spend a penny on this activity. We don’t want you to spend anything – use what you have! Get creative. I just happened to be a “crafter” pre-kids…and now it sits in our guest room collecting dust. 


So, we used watercolors, glitter pens, markers, and colored pencils to decorate our images. (If you are doing this with children, I recommend laying down some type of protective covering on your table…unless you love the site of glitter or marker on your dinner table…)


Once our decorating was done, I cut out the ornaments and glued them to foam. You don’t have to do this…I just did because I had the supplies here. (Thanks to my days of seeing clearance items and purchasing for the “one day” scenarios…which I’m not condoning you do…)

I love that these ornaments can be strung for a simple tree or garland or even a wreath! It’s really whatever you already have in your home to display this on. If you have the wall space but no floor space, you could even do a paper or vinyl Christmas tree on your wall and tape these ornaments on! 

However you design your advent tree / wreath / garland is entirely up to you! We want to see them, so be sure to share your pictures with us by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook!

Our goal is that you will purpose to spend time each day journeying through the lineage of Christ and anticipating the birth of our King!

Anticipating the King with you,