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Anticipating the King…an Advent Celebration

Anticipating the King…an Advent Celebration


Sometimes it is just plain wrong to anticipate a certain thing. You shouldn’t anticipate a good grade if you haven’t studied. You shouldn’t anticipate financial security if you haven’t saved. You shouldn’t anticipate a great relationship with your sibling if you haven’t stayed in touch. You shouldn’t anticipate weight loss….

One of the dearest acts of kindness that I have experienced is one of my Bible Students, C.C., celebrating the birth of my grandson with me. This has been tender to me because C.C. does not anticipate having any grandchildren. She doesn’t have children of her own. In celebrating this gift of life in my family, she gave me a beautiful frame that says “fearfully and wonderfully made”. She also gave me a baby sized red stocking cap embroidered with “My First Christmas”. But mostly, she blessed me with her gift of joyfully celebrating my anticipation of a grandchild. Even though this may have been bittersweet, C.C. embraces the miracle of life wherever she sees it. I feel loved.

Sometimes we put an enormous amount of energy into anticipating things that are just temporary things, secondary, petty matters. Sometimes we get pouty over not receiving luxuries that most of the world should never even dream of obtaining. That which rusts can draw us in.

God is sovereign. God is lovingly sovereign. And in His great love, He made a way for all to rightfully anticipate “God with us”. God provided the promise. God provided the historical markers to the promise. God provided the messengers of the promise. God gave His Word. So we can and should anticipate Life, the Son.

I enjoy sharing Christmas traditions with family and friends.

I hope you will join me this December in “Anticipating the King”. Meet me here each day as we long for His reign….


Romans 8:19 For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.


Reminder: I’m excited about celebrating Advent with you and you, potentially, sharing your anticipation of Christ with another. Songs are included in our daily celebration for those who can make time for a little extra joy. I recommend listening before your feet touch the floor in the morning.

If you are including a child in your celebration, wonderful! I get crazy about Christmas traditions, the lights, the food, the decorations and time with loved ones. As my children have grown and started homes of their own, I opened my home to do some cookie making or crafts with others, including their children. Some that I didn’t know that well. This enlarged my understanding of God’s grace in the world; this enlarged my heart. So our Advent walk together in anticipating the King includes an option to embrace the celebration through the eyes of a child. The ornaments drafted by our children at church are yours to print, color, and add to your décor. The symbols on the ornaments relate to the Bible passage for each day.

Don’t feel like you have to find a child to be able to celebrate Advent-you’re His child and precious in His sight. Besides, coloring is known to be great therapy for every age. Know you don’t have to stay in the lines….



Worship Song for the Day: Baby Boy