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Anticipating the King – December 10, 2019

Anticipating the King – December 10, 2019

Greater Moses


Reading: Deuteronomy 18:15-19; John 6:14; Acts 7:37


My children and I loved playing a game with my Grandma Burns based on her ability to give us clues. Grandma Burns would hide a gift in her house and slips of paper containing clues to help locate the gift. The race to find the gift was on as soon as Grandma Burns told us the first clue. As you discovered hidden clue after clue you would get closer to the real prize. As you discovered clue after clue you had a choice to make. Do I make the search a team event or do I remain quiet about the clue I just found? You were not allowed to take or move discovered clues from their hiding spot. They were to be preserved for everyone’s benefit.


If the Lord Jesus Christ is the seed of the woman from Genesis 3, the Savior for all in Adam, then every clue about His identity provided by God equips His people to recognize His coming. Through Moses, God gives many clues as to the Savior’s identity. The New Testament Gospel witnesses report that Christ is the Greater Moses God promised in Deuteronomy 18.


As Moses changed the water into blood, Jesus changed the water into wine, anticipating celebration in the coming Kingdom. As Moses implemented God’s curses (leprosy and judgment) on an unbelieving people, Jesus brought in a New Exodus of healing the lame and diseased, the coming Kingdom would be blessed not cursed. As Moses provided manna in the desert, Jesus multiplied the loaves, revealing He is the Bread of Life. As Moses walked through the water as the seas parted, Jesus walked on the water revealing His authority over all creation. As Moses instructed the people to escape death through the provision of a Passover Lamb, Jesus is proclaimed to be the Passover Lamb. As Moses set up a tabernacle in the wilderness, Christ Jesus tabernacled with humankind and proclaimed the Kingdom to come. Jesus equipped His followers to be the temple of God.


The Greater Moses has appeared and we have hope in His delivering grace. We anticipate that this Greater Moses will lead His people into a Greater Exodus, the final Promised Land of living eternally in His presence.


Seeing Advent as His child: The scroll with writing on it reminds us of the many messengers God sent to humankind that we may be rescued from our sin.

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Worship song of the day: Strange Way to Save the World