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Anticipating the King – December 22, 2019

Anticipating the King – December 22, 2019

Beloved of God


Reading: Micah 5:1-4; Luke 1:26-80; Matthew 1:19-2:12


In today’s reading, I hope you see the many people that have gone before us recognizing the time is now to worship the King. I vaguely remember days in a little Mennonite Church with Sunday school in the basement when I lived in Iowa while my dad was in Vietnam. I must have heard of a Savior there, but it would be years later in a little Baptist church sanctuary where I would be told the Gospel, recognize that I personally needed a Savior, and believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Savior God promised. And it would be even more years, through years of studying His Word, that I would finally realize that believing in His Son means that I am actually beloved by God, just as His Son is the Beloved of God. Amazing, the believer is a joint heir with Christ. The Gospel message is that though sin separates us from God, we may be restored to God through belief in His Son as our Sin-Bearer and Life. Upon belief in the Redeemer, the believer receives the Spirit of God and is declared by God to be holy and blameless, the beloved of God. Salvation delivers the believer from darkness, eternal separation from God, into living as His child, faithfully walking with God, and enjoying being a member of the family of God. We walk closer to God when we realize that He has fully shared His perfections with us through the Son. Beloved no longer need perform for the relationship, the beloved just rest in the faithfulness of the One who loves them. We grow in Christ-likeness as we reflect on His love, not by perfecting a righteousness of our own.


Micah, Joseph, Mary, the angels, David, Elizabeth, Zacharias, and the magi all rejoice, even in hard circumstances, because the King is coming and His love knows no end.


Seeing Advent as His child: I love wooden toys! Though this carpenter’s hammer isn’t a toy one, it does remind me of a child who worked hard that I might live.

Click here to download your ornament!


Worship song of the day: Born In Bethlehem