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@HOME – 3/24

As believers we are called to run toward tragedy and not away from it. Faithful Christians have done this throughout all generations. God is still calling us to be His hands and feet, caring for the sick,and pointing the lost to the ultimate hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

This pandemic will require a fundamental shift in how we do ministry…for weeks and possibly months. It is already forcing us to ask, “What is absolutely essential for the church to be the church?”

Many things have changed but let me tell you what has not changed at Idlewild… Our Mission. “To Give Ourselves Daily To Help Each One Live In The Rescued Power Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.” While the pandemic is new, our calling from the Lord Jesus Christ is not. The Gospel is still the most important message in the world, and we are still called upon to tell it.

Let me encourage everyone not to forsake the important work that God may want to do in you and through you in the more secret, not seen moments of your life. May God lift our eyes above the horizon to see beyond this current crisis. He has disrupted our rhythms and there may be eternal life change that can come through this interruption.

Did you know during the darkest hours of World War ll, CS Lewis was delivering radio talks that later became Mere Christianity and J.R.R. Tolkien was writing, The Lord Of The Rings? While they redirected their efforts toward the important and urgent tasks for the greater good they also had a perspective that was able to see beyond their current crisis. God may do that for you as well.

When we are looking beyond, we are usually looking outside of ourselves to someone else. May our mission and the Gospel drive us to see our neighbors, see hungry kids, see fearful co-workers, and when given the opportunity, share the gospel, and live the gospel. May God give us His eyes to see the eternal, not the temporal, the mission, not the mess, and Christ, not the crisis.