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Camp Agape Docked in Their Final Destination on Wed., 8/9

Camp Agape Docked in Their Final Destination on Wed., 8/9

When our IBC Amazon River Mission Team Leader arrived to pick up all of the
donations you gave he was amazed! We asked all our Camp AGAPE kids to donate
a NEW BALL CAP OR NEW PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS –and you did! They sent this
picture of some of the recipients all the way from the Amazon!

What’s happened in CA, August 9th in K-4 th grades- Our Last Night!
Our AGAPE Love Ship docked in our final destination: Cuba! Our IBC mission team came
and shared about their mission trip and how they share the salvation message of Jesus.
Our IBC Spanish worship dancers performed through songs to and each one shared how
their dance ministry helps them share Jesus. The final Faith Factor was icky! Our CA
music team led in music, and surprised Mr. Robert with silly string!!  In the classrooms-our
kids had a special snack and played “nautical beachball volleyball.” A special TY gift went to
leaders along with Cuban snacks. Thank you to leaders for giving of your time and to
parents allowing your children to Cruise with us this summer. On to Worship Quest!