Lutz Campus

18333 Exciting Idlewild Blvd.
Lutz, FL 33548

Idlewild at The Springs

8209 N 19th St
Tampa, FL 33604

Iglesia Bautista Idlewild

Main Campus, Student Building, Hall 2

High School Camp: May 28 – June 1

Middle School Camp: June 1 – June 5


Student registration for Camp Idlewild.

For High School and College students only.

Liability Release Forms


All students and adults attending Camp Idlewild 2022 MUST sign and submit a completed liability release form before they leave for camp. Both forms for adults and minors can be found here on our website.


What to Bring To Camp


CLOTHES: At least 5 Days’ worth of casual clothes that can get dirty! As well as clothes to change into for Dinner & Worship each night.

(Team Colors will be announced closer to camp)

SNEAKERS are suggested for games & activities, must have at least one pair of closed-toed shoes for recreation.

ONE PIECE Swim Suit (or dark T-shirt to completely cover 2 piece).

We recommend packing a plastic bag for wet items, like clothing or towels.

SLEEPING: Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Pajamas, Linens & blanket for bunk beds.

MONEY: Spending Money for the Camp Snack Shop (and Idlewild souvenirs: water bottles, sunglasses, T-shirts, etc!).

We will NOT be stopping for lunch on the road!

HYGIENE: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo,  Soap, TOWELS (for bathing and for down at the lake), DEODORANT! Sun tan lotion, & Bug spray

DON’T FORGET: Your BIBLE, Notebook & Pen!


What NOT to Bring To Camp


ELECTRONICS: Cell Phones, iPads, Computers, TVs, Gaming Systems (including consoles or handhelds like Nintendo 3DS or Switch), etc.

MISCELLANEOUS: No Hoverboards, weapons like knives or guns, tobacco or smoking items or paraphernalia like Vape Pens or Juul, fireworks, or items for pranks like water balloons, shaving cream, etc.

If ANY of the above items are brought to camp, each item will be taken away and NOT returned!



Camp Departure/Arrival Time


Registration & departure begins at 7:00am on the first day of camp.  Registration is held in the Student Building beginning at 7:00AM. High School returns Wednesday, June 1. Middle School returns Sunday, June 5th.


Camp Scholarship Application

To apply for a scholarship for this year’s camp click to download an application. Fill it out and return it to the students office.


Who is camp for?

Idlewild Student Camp is for ALL Middle & High School students who have COMPLETED their grade 5—12.

Where is camp located?

Camp takes place in Lake Placid, Florida (about two and a half hours southeast of Tampa) at the Lake Placid Camp & Conference Center.

What time should we arrive at IBC for Registration/Departure and Return?

Registration & departure begins at 7:00am on the first day of camp.  Registration is held in the Student Building beginning at 7:00AM. High School returns Wednesday, June 1. Middle School returns Sunday, June 5th.

Where will my student be staying during camp?

Counselors and students are assigned to specific rooms based on their family groups for the week. Each family group sleeps in one big room with 5-6 bunk-bed; bathrooms are either in a joint hallway or attached to each room. Guys and girls stay in completely separate facilities. A counselor will be in every room/cabin. No


No Guys in Girls rooms, No Girls in Guys rooms!

Will my student need extra money during camp?

Everything needed during the week of camp (lodging, meals, etc.) has been covered in your camp cost. However, there is a Snack Shop located on the grounds of the conference center that your child may want to visit occasionally during their free time. There will also be additional t-shirts and souvenirs for them to buy if they should choose to. Students are responsible for the care of their personal money during the week.

What will my student need for the week of camp?
Who will be responsible for my student during the week of camp?

Your child will be under the direct supervision of their assigned counselor. All of our counselors and adult leaders have been background checked and interviewed for the safety of our students. There will be a minimum of 1:10 ratio of leaders to students (ONE Leader for every TEN Students). The camp will also have a Support Staff of 25+ members, as well as 10  Executive Staff on hand at all times.

How can I contact my student DURING camp?

We recommend that you not contact your child during camp, unless there is a serious emergency. If there is an EMERGENCY, please call Pastor Kelly at (813) 695-4585, Pastor Andrew at (813) 817-0955 or Kim Whitten at (813) 786-7181… For your peace of mind, the address and phone number to the Lake Placid Conference Center is…


Lake Placid Conference Center:

2665 Placid View Drive
Lake Placid, Florida, 33852


Feel free to mail your student an encouraging letter or card during the week of camp! 

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