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We can’t wait to see you in Kidz Cove this morning! ...

What is prayer? How should we pray? How did Jesus pray? We're gonna answer these questions in Kidz Cove this week as we dive deeper into the Sermon on the mount. ...

Come dressed as your fav Bible hero! It's so fun when everyone dresses up at Awana! This one's easy. Get a bedsheet and a belt. Dress up as a plague of frogs. It's gonna be so fun. You definitely want to join in the fun. We'll be awarding prizes for the best dressed. Every participant gets Awana bucks! Don't miss out. See ya this week at 4:30. It's gonna be a blast seeing all of you this week! ...

Did you attend our Kindergarten Lunch? We had a blast on the playground! Looking forward to the next one. ...

Are children the church of tomorrow, or are they part of the church of today? While kids are still learning and growing that doesn’t mean they are in a spiritual holding tank until they grow up. Children who have accepted Christ are part of the church today. People who haven’t yet received the Lord are the church of tomorrow.


Idlewild believes you don’t have to grow up to serve God. Many kids in the Bible accomplished amazing feats for God before they ever grew up (Samuel, Josiah, David, etc…). I Corinthians 13:11 says, “When I was a child, I used to speak as a child, think as a child, reason as a child, when I became a man, I did away with childish things.” This verse tells us that adults and children speak differently, think differently, and reason differently. If an adult is to be effective at ministering to a child the adult must enter the child’s world, speak their language of fun, and relate Biblical truth on their level. That’s what we aim to do here at Idlewild.


Bible Fellowship Groups, Kidz Cove Kids Church, Awana, and Worship Quest. These are not four separate programs but rather they represent the four-step process we use to move your child from newcomer to disciple.

Latest Updates

  • This is gonna be one of the most talked-about nights in Awana history. We’re gonna have Blacklight Buck Blast. A fun game that will take place all in blacklights. Come dressed in bright clothes and feel free to get glowing. (highlighters on your skin look super RAD! under blacklight.) Don’t......

  • Sunday, February 23rd right after church.    ...

  • Come dressed as your fav Bible hero! It’s gonna be so fun. You definitely want to join in the fun. We’ll be awarding prizes for the best dressed. Every participant gets Awana bucks! Don’t miss out. See ya this week at 4:30....

  • We LOVE to see new faces at Idlewild Kids Ministry! That’s why Sunday, Feb. 16, is IBC Friend Day. Each kid who brings a friend (& the friend) will get a super-special BOGO kid certificate to spend at McDonalds as well as their choice of a movie-size box of candy......

Protecting Your Child

How does Idlewild provide safety and security for my child when I’m attending the worship service or a Bible Fellowship class?

Through use of a computer check-in system, each child is given a name tag containing his room number and any special allergy alert. Parents receive two copies of a matching security tag containing the security number only. This security tag is used to pick up the child. No child is released without this security tag. Parents and guardians are asked to wear this tag whenever you are in our children’s building.

How are teachers and volunteers screened?

We require all volunteers to submit to a thorough background investigation screening. All volunteers are approved by our leadership prior to being trained to serve with children.

How will you reach me if my child needs me?

If you are in the Worship Center, your child’s security code will be displayed in the lower corner of the IMAG screen. For parents attending an adult Bible Fellowship class, your personal cell phone may be called.

Our Team

Patrick Newbill

Patrick Newbill

Minister – Children (813-264-8728)

Linda Epperson

Director - Children’s Ministry (813-264-8740)

Andy Schelb

Minister – Children's Discipleship (813-264-8719)

Gena Taylor

Administrative Assistant - Children's Ministry (813-264-8798)

Sharon Jones

Children's Events / VBS Volunteer Coordinator (813-264-8780)

Jayme Winter

Resource Room and 3rd Grade Coordinator (813-264-8708)

Karen Anderson

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Coordinator (813-264-1515 ext. 2022)

Kassie Neely

Children's Events / VBS Participant Coordinator (813-865-9218)
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