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Come Experience Courses

Come Experience Courses

We’ve programmed these breakouts to give you more experience, exposure, and training in a few key areas of worship ministry. See what interests you…

Band – Drums, keys, guitar, bass…learning to play with click tracks and being the first to learn new songs. This is what you can expect in band. Experienced players can improve and help less-experienced players grow. Newbies can get exposure to the instruments. As pastor David says, “I wish I had this when I was younger.”

Vocals – While vocal warmups and singing are covered in our choir time, the vocal course takes it to another level. Work with Zack, Melissa, and other accomplished singers one-on-one. Learn stylistic tricks, and use your voice in a way you never knew you could.

Songwriting – If you find yourself writing lyrics in your journal (or if you just wish you did) check out songwriting. Pastor Jordan walks thru the basics of rhyme and meter to get you writing. Much of the course is sharing with one another what God is doing in each others lives and writing worship songs about it. Later in the semester, some of these songs will end up being fully produced, recorded, and released.

Production – Great worship experiences don’t happen by accident. And if the soundboard isn’t on it doesn’t matter how good the musicians are. Join Nano and get high level exposure to the many necessary elements of modern worship: sound mixing, lyrics, lights, and much more.

Creative Arts – So you’re creative but not sure where you fit? We designed a course just for you. Fingerpaint, marshmallows and toothpicks, drawing, poetry, pottery… you never know what you’ll get. But that’s creativity – taking what’s in front of you and making it beautiful.