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Daily Living – Episode 1 – Ken Whitten

Daily Living – Episode 1 – Ken Whitten

Introduction to Daily Living series.

Welcome to the first week of 2021! We’re so grateful that you’re joining us for the very first Daily Living and that you’re starting out your year with the hope that God will do something in each of us daily that will change each and every one of us. Here at Idlewild we have adopted a Mission Statement that identifies our goal and strategy in the Idlewild family. If you know it, say it with me: Giving ourselves daily to help each one live in the rescuing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! You’ve heard this statement said from the pulpit and in the pews, but what does it look like to practically live this statement out in our daily lives? How can we make it more than just a phrase? This is where Daily Living comes in. We want to provide you, Idlewild family, with a resource that will encourage and propel you to live out our Idlewild mission statement every day. Each week, 5 days a week, you’ll hear from our Pastors, staff, and leaders in the form of a brief video and a short written post that will arrive in your inbox. Our desire is that you take the time to connect with God, and to learn from others, and then live differently every day.

Now, let’s look at our Mission Statement together. As Idlewild Kingdom-followers we are to: Give ourselves daily. The obvious question at the beginning of our statement is, to whom? To whom are we giving ourselves? It is the cornerstone and foundation essential to the clarity of our purpose. We must begin where our Master began as we answer this prerequisite. In Mark 1:35-39 we read that a crowd is looking for Jesus, pursuing Him, and in search of the miracles and deeds He would perform. But before Jesus engages with the purpose of His ministry, He begins by connecting with the Person of His mission. We see Him get away and pray. He separates Himself and humbles His heart in a quiet place. He devotes Himself to prayer before planning. He prayed before He preached. Mark 1:37 states that when those searching for Him found Jesus they said “Everyone is looking for you.” Jesus knew a crowd was looking for Him and yet devotion to his Father came before demand from the world.

As He retreats into the holy and consuming presence of God the Father, Jesus is given what He can receive nowhere else. He is given Identity, Ministry, and Authority. Jesus proclaims in verse 39, “Let us go to the neighboring villages so I may preach there also, for that is why I have come.” Jesus knew why He came, but He also know who he came for. He came to preach to people. To help them live in the rescuing power of the Gospel.

So, what about you? How do you begin your day? Do you take the time to devote yourself to your Father first before you give yourself to people? Just like Jesus, time in prayer will tell me where to go and who to see. As we close, remember these simple truths:

Prayer set the priority for the day.

Prayer sets people in my day.

Prayer sees power, everyday.

Join me as we begin today in prayer and give ourselves daily to the One who gives eternal purpose to our daily living!