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Daily Living – Episode 18 – Rob Taylor

Daily Living – Episode 18 – Rob Taylor

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Pastor Rob Taylor

Jude 20-23 (ERV)
20 But you, dear friends, use your most holy faith to build yourselves up even stronger. Pray with the help of the Holy Spirit. 21 Keep yourselves safe in God’s love, as you wait for the Lord Jesus Christ in his mercy to give you eternal life. 22 Help those who have doubts. 23 Rescue those who are living in danger of hell’s fire. There are others you should treat with mercy, but be very careful that their filthy lives don’t rub off on you.

In our text today, Jude expects all true believers to grow and build their Christian life in the context of a church where not all teachers are trustworthy.
Jude teaches us that:

  • We must grow (20)
  • We must show mercy and exercise spiritual discernment (22-23)


We Must Grow

The Christian life must never stand still; if it does, it will go backward. Years ago when I attended Northwestern University, I got involved in Campus Crusade for Christ. I learned practical steps to grow spiritually in Christ by using the acronym G-R-O-W. The foundation for our Christian life is our “most holy faith” and to practice the following:

  • G – Go to God in prayer daily.
  • R – Read God’s Word daily.
  • O – Obey God moment by moment.
  • W – Witness for Christ by your life and words.


We must show Mercy and exercise Spiritual Discernment (22–23)

Jude instructed his readers to exercise discernment and to act on the basis of that discernment. He described three different kinds of people who need spiritual help.

The doubting (v. 22).

These are the people who are wavering. Our responsibility is to have mercy on them by seeking to lead them away from the negative influences of this world and false teachers.

The spiritually dead (v. 23a).

They need to be rescued or snatched out of the fire. Someone has said, if I could spend one day in hell, I would be a soul-winner for life on earth.

The dangerous (v. 23b).

In trying to help those who have erred, we must be careful not to be trapped ourselves!

As we pray, may we remember that God is waiting for you and me to ask to be used to share the gospel with someone far from God.