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Daily Living – Episode 20 – Kim Whitten

Daily Living – Episode 20 – Kim Whitten

Prayer and Fasting

Author: Kim Whitten


I love working with Middle School students because they ask the most inquisitive
questions! I remember a time when I was teaching a middle school girls class on this
passage in John 14 and one of my girls asked, “So Miss Kim, if I ask for a million dollars
does that mean I’ll get it because I asked in Jesus name?” The obvious answer was, of
course not! But as inquisitive middle school minds work, she wanted to know why. As
we began to chat, I recognized that her question was not about the million dollars, but
rather she was asking about the nature of this specific promise of God. What she really
wanted to know was, can I trust what God’s Word says here?

I pointed her to the most important part of the verse, which really explains the
context of how we are to pray and request in Jesus’ name. The second half of verse 13
really contains the key to the entire passage. Jesus says to His disciples that are
listening that they may ask anything in His name and then states “so that the Father
may be glorified in the Son.” They key to our prayers being answered is the glory of the
Father. Earlier in the passage, Jesus goes to great lengths to establish His family
connection with God, multiple times using the familial language of Father and Son. The
connection is obvious, that Jesus the Son is one with God the Father, which is where
His authority and power come from. The same pattern follows for us, His followers. Our
family connection to Jesus, when we abide in Him and take up residence in Him is
where the authority and authenticity of our prayers will come from. The family
connection we have to the Son and the Father means that when we ask anything in the
sacred name of Jesus, we will be asking in the best interest of the family of God. It
doesn’t mean that tomorrow the Lord is going to give us a million dollars, but if we ask
sincerely for things we know glorify the glorious name of our God, He is thrilled to do it!

So, what are we as a family praying for today?