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Daily Living – Episode 28 – Patrick Newbill

Daily Living – Episode 28 – Patrick Newbill

Treasuring Time with God

Author: Pastor Patrick Newbill

READ: Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Matt. 6:33, James 4:8, Matt. 14:22-23

If I want to treasure my time with God…when/how should I do it?

Well, What would Jesus do? Umm, He got up early in the morning. But wait a second, He also prayed AT NIGHT. So, which should we do? Let’s come back to that.

Either Jesus got up before daylight savings OR it was simply really early! WHY do you think He did that? Could He just not sleep and so He got up? Maybe He looked at how busy the schedule was for the day and knew there might be little to no time to spend with God that day?

What would make someone get up before the sun, intentionally go to a place that would be free of distractions, and pray?

I can tell ya! It’s because He treasured His time with God and I bet it wasn’t spotty or only on Sundays either. Because of that relationship, Jesus could hear God speaking. He could see what God was up to around Him.

For Idlewild…WWJD is our goal. Nope, I don’t know what Jesus would do in every situation. Sometimes He prayed and spent time with God in the early morning. But sometimes, it was at night! Oh goodness, He even talked to God during the mid-day too! Whew.

(WWJD) Walking With Jesus Daily results from our daily treasuring of time in His presence. That’s why Idlewild puts such an emphasis on reading His Word daily, praying, and seeking Him.

Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Matt. 6:33, James 4:8, Matt. 14:22-23