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Daily Living – Episode 31 – Ken Whitten

Daily Living – Episode 31 – Ken Whitten

One – Am I Close to Someone Far From God?

Author: Ken Whitten

READ John 1:35-50

Hello Idlewild Family! Hey, let’s start out this Monday morning with a little bit of fun! Let’s see if you can finish these company slogans with me:

  • Disney promotes itself as what kind of place, “The … ____________ place on earth.” If you said happiest, you’d be right! (Some people may have said the most expensive place, and well, they may be right too!)
  • Capital One credit card says, “What’s in your _______”? Wallet! That’s right.
  • Nike says, “Just _______ it.” Yes, just do it.
  • Campbell’s soup is, “M’mm M’mm _____.” Good!
  • American Express would like to remind you to “Never leave home _________”. Without it.
  • M&M is the chocolate that “Melts in your mouth, but not in your _______.” Hand.
  • Wheaties claims that it is the “Breakfast of _________”. Champions.


Now, Idlewild family, what is your church known for? Idlewild claims that we have been called to, say it with me, Bring Hope to the One! What a calling we have, what a burden we claim, but what a Hope that we carry!

Today, we’re looking at one of my favorite measurements and we’re asking ourselves this question, Am I close to someone far from God? You notice that I didn’t ask if you knew anyone far from God, but rather are you close to someone far from God. That distinction is important.

When we look in John, chapter 1 at Jesus calling His disciples, we see that Jesus is calling people who are far from Him. He longs to be close to those who are far away. He’s about to bring them Hope! Two of his brand new disciples turn around and follow Jesus’ example. John 1:41 says that “The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah” (that is, the Christ). And he brought him to Jesus.” Philip does the same thing, he immediately runs to find his hometown buddy Nathaniel and tells him “we have found the one Moses wrote about … Jesus of Nazareth” (vs 45). Andrew and Nathaniel immediately thought of men they were close to, who were far from God, and took them to Jesus!

Ask yourself these two very important questions today as you open your Bible along with me. First, are you close to someone far from God? Have you taken the time to be a relationship involver? And secondly, in those relationships, are you bringing Hope to your One? Are you a worship inviter?

Unlike those company slogans that we started out with, no one can ever blame us for false advertising. We have the greatest Hope there ever is! Who have you shared this Hope with today? And if not, who can you share this Hope with this week?

I love you, Idlewild Family. I love being your Pastor and a Hope Bringer right along with you.