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Daily Living – Episode 32 – Brian McDougall

Daily Living – Episode 32 – Brian McDougall

Multiply: Who am I Discipling?

Author: Brian Mcdougall


“Disciple” comes from the Greek word that means “to learn”. So if someone is to learn, someone must teach.

When Jesus first called his Disciples and gave them The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), Discipleship was officially born.

It’s surprising there is so much debate over what Discipleship is when Jesus created it, modeled it and recorded it in the New Testament.

Let’s break down Matthew 28:19-20 a little.

  1. Go: Jesus first told us to “go”. That is an aggressive verb. We are to “go” to the people that do not know Jesus so we can tell them of his “Good News” for them.
  2. Baptize: This means we are to share the Gospel with those that do not know Him so they can trust Jesus as their savior. Baptism is what every obedient believer does to tell the world of the decision they have made to become a Christian.
  3. Teach: Jesus wants us to teach others how to become more like Christ. This teaching is relational not transactional. Jesus built relationships with His Disciples as he taught them to:

A) Pray,
B) Share the Gospel,
C) Study the Word, and
D) Live out the Word by Serving in a Fellowship Ministry inside The Church and a Gospel Mission outside the Church.

If you want more information on how you too can “Make” and “Multiply” Disciples, please contact

Jodie Montgomery ( Director or Women’s Ministry and Discipleship
Rob Taylor ( Minister of Men’s Ministry and Discipleship
Wade Griffin ( Minister of Small Groups and Discipleship
Brian McDougall ( Minister of Leadership Engagement and Discipleship (LEAD)