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Daily Living – Episode 50 – Allison McCoy

Daily Living – Episode 50 – Allison McCoy

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Be at peace with one another.

Author: Allison McCoy

Read Mark 9:50

Can you remember a time when it was difficult to “be at peace” with another?

As a member of the preschool ministry staff, I am in regular contact with parents of babies and toddlers. They remind me of the early years of my parenting and the conflicts that often arose with my husband as we adjusted to our new roles and responsibilities. I can’t say that Brad and I were always “at peace with one another.” In fact, it was a real struggle. But, as Brad and I grew in our relationship with the Lord and studied His Word, we learned some important tools and insights that help us to promote peace with one another.

  • ● Preach the Gospel to ourselves. The heart of the Gospel message is peace — peace with God which makes peace with others possible (Read Ephesians 2:11-22). He unites us as one in Him. As we preach the Gospel to ourselves, we are reminded that we have been given a purpose and the power to pursue peace with one another.
  • ● Press In. Both of our inclinations are to withdraw and isolate when in conflict. We have learned this is a tactic of the enemy to send us to our separate corners to sulk. To be true peacemakers, we have to press in and consider the other person’s point of view while considering our own contribution to the conflict. (I’ll talk about my experience in doing that through our Women’s Ministry in my video portion.)
  • ● Prayer reveals Pride. Pride excuses, blames, justifies, isolates…Pride is definitely the enemy of peace and a friend of offense. Through prayer, God often reveals the pride that prevents us from pursuing peace.

“To be at peace with one another” doesn’t necessarily mean we will see eye-to-eye or all issues will be resolved but rather that we desire and seek the well-being of another before our own. In this way, we are choosing the way of Jesus who humbly chose to put us before Himself, making both peace with God and with others possible. Shalom!