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Daily Living – Episode 53 – Phillip Hanes

Daily Living – Episode 53 – Phillip Hanes

For Unity – Accept One Another


Read Romans 15: 7

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.

In the month of March we’ve been looking at the “one another” statements in the New Testament. Did you know there are 59 “one another” passages in the NT?

One Bible commentator noted that the statements fall into usually one of four categories: Love, Unity, Servanthood/Humility, and Encouragement/Edification.

Today’s focus passage is Romans 15:7 which says, “Therefore, accept one another just as Christ accepted us to the glory of God.” This definitely speaks to the topic of Unity!

As believers, this is not what we have to do, it what we get to do! This verse is so clear it does not need a lot of explanation or interpretation. We accept one another just like Jesus accepted us! And the main reason we do that is to bring glory to God!

We live in a world where our differences are highlighted. As Christians, we have the privilege, the joy, and the obligation to make sure that we accept one another despite any differences and let others see that because of the difference Jesus has made in our lives we gladly accept one another!