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Daily Living – Episode 54 – Diana Schell

Daily Living – Episode 54 – Diana Schell

Bear One Another’s Burdens


Read Galatians 6:2

“Bear one another’s burdens and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”

A burden can be defined as something that is heavy, a load or the troubles of this life.

We are not called to “take away or remove” each other’s burdens. Through prayer and ministering to others, the load can be lightened. As brothers & sisters in Christ, we are called to raise each other up and point each other to Jesus.

I look back and think of those that helped bear my burdens. As a young, unsaved professional, a friend prayed for me for years and ultimately helped lead me to Christ. When my husband and I were attempting to adopt our 2nd daughter and did not have the resources, our church family rallied around us and helped us raise the funds we needed.

I was recently talking to a Preschool volunteer, whose pregnant neighbor passed away last year. The baby survived and she now serves as a nanny for the baby. While ministering to this family, she has had amazing opportunities to share the Gospel.

In our Preschool Ministry, we recently had a single parent express how much they appreciated our ministry and the care we provided for their children so they could go to service to Worship and be fed.

As we seek to glorify God and build his kingdom, whose burden can you help carry? How can you exemplify the hands and feet of Jesus? Who are you praying for and ministering to? How can you live out Idlewild’s Mission Statement of Giving ourselves daily to help each one live in the rescuing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?