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Daily Living – Episode 71 – Kelly Knouse

Daily Living – Episode 71 – Kelly Knouse

Enemies of the Heart


Read Psalm 51

As a kid, one of my favorite hobbies was to collect baseball cards. Many of my friends would also collect cards. Since we all had different favorite players, it made trading cards especially exciting. However, trades didn’t come by easy. You’d have to offer something pretty good to get a card that you valued in exchange. At a young age we had to learn the fine art of the exchange. We’d offer something high in value in order to get something of equal value in return. That’s how trades work in life. Except, in God’s economy, exchanges look quite different.

All through scripture, God shows us that we can exchange our greatest mistakes for His deepest mercy. When we present our guilt, God offers His grace. That’s how great our God is. In Psalm 51, we see King David pouring out his heart, following a very prolific and public sin. His heart is gripped with tremendous, inescapable guilt. As you read through the chapter, you’ll see a very personal confession, but also practical prescription for us to follow when gripped with guilt. In verses 1-2 we see David use three different words for his wrongdoing. The word ”transgression” means to ”cross a forbidden boundary” and ”to rebel against God’s law.” The word ”iniquity” means ”perversity’. The word ”sin” literally means ”to miss the mark.” It doesn’t just mean to miss the mark of God for what God wants for you, but it means to miss the mark of what is best for you.

That’s the point is, David doesn’t call sin a ”mistake” or a ”misfortune” or a ”misjudgment.” He calls it what God calls it. When we are gripped with guilt, we must be the source of our guilt with total honesty. Call it what it is and call it out to God. It is there that you can ask God to release you from guilt and renew you with His grace. One of my favorite verses in the chapter is verse 12. It reads, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” Did you know that God longs to return joy to the areas of your life where it’s been robbed by guilt? It’s a simple exchange. You bring your guilt and allow God to present His gladness in your life.