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Daily Living – Episode 3 – Reno Zunz

Daily Living – Episode 3 – Reno Zunz


Author: Pastor Reno Zunz

READ Mark 8:36-37

In our verses today, Jesus follows His two provocative statements we discussed Tuesday with two questions, of the rhetorical variety, meant to stir the hearts and minds not only of His disciples, but also the crowd. They are in essence a follow-up to His statement in verse 35 about saving and losing one’s life. The purpose of the questions is obvious: Jesus is making it very clear that nothing, not even the whole world, is more important or more valuable than one’s soul.

Jesus uses the Greek word psuche for “soul”. Here He is referring to one’s inner person, in distinction from our physical bodies. We are body, soul, and spirit. Sometimes soul and spirit are used synonymously. But our very essence, the real you and me, is described as our soul.

When we say the words “Giving Ourselves Daily”, it is pretty clear what it means to “Give” versus take or receive. And the “Daily” part I think we get – it’s not a one-time event, but a lifestyle. But here lies the very central application of “Ourselves”. Jesus demands all of me – my mind, my will, my emotions or feelings; my whole heart. May we affirm today the words of the beautiful hymn: “All that thrills my soul is Jesus. He is more than life to me!”