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Daily Living – Episode 4 – Sabrina Baker

Daily Living – Episode 4 – Sabrina Baker


Author: Sabrina Baker

READ Romans 12:1-2

Think of the first time you held a new born baby. I remember seeing my nephew just hours after he was born. Everything about him was perfect. His little body was a sweet picture of purity. When Paul authored the book of Romans, animal sacrifices were still being used for the atonement of sin. The animal to be sacrificed was without blemish and its life was given up in exchange for forgiveness. A perfect picture of purity. Romans 12:1-2 is a calling for Christians to live unblemished, as a spotless sacrifice. We are all born with a major blemish called sin. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his power over the grave, we can exchange our blemish for Christ’s purity. When we receive this free gift, it is our “spiritual worship” to live in a way that is holy and acceptable to God.

Holiness means to be set apart. As a Christ follower, I am called to be different from the world. This goes beyond an outward appearance. My motives, desires, and time is transformed by the Gospel. My hope is for there to be such an eagerness in my heart to desire the Lord and his will for me in everything. An eagerness without truth can lead astray, so how do I discern God’s will? Look to His Word. Be in it every day. The heart of the Father is on full display there.

Giving Ourselves daily starts with giving our own will to God everyday and allowing him to transform it and take his rightful place on the throne of our heart so that we may live in a way that is a sacrifice.