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E.S.L. Mission Trip to NYC 2011

E.S.L. Mission Trip to NYC 2011

It was 9:00 in the morning on our first day at the South Asian Center in Queens, New York. It was amazing as the people began to trickle in to class. I had not left U.S. soil but from the looks of the people coming into this classroom I felt like I had been halfway around the world.

I had seen some of these people groups in travels on mission trips with Idlewild Baptist Church but this time they were in my backyard and they are eager to learn my language.

My 10th grade English teacher Dr. Littlefield would have been a little nervous. We discussed pronoun, adjectives and adverbs, but more importantly we cared for them. For many of the women that came this was their only time out of the house. Other than a brief time to the grocery store they do not venture out of their homes. The men usually come on their day off from work, which could be their only personal down time. Some even come for both the morning and evening session.

But for all the English they get to learn, they like to practice it as well. So we get to talk one on two, however most of the time it is more like three or four on one because there are so many students.

We talk about all kinds of things. We get to talk about children, marriages, work, religion and most of all we talk about what Jesus means to us. I was amazed at how open they were to talk. They were so hungry to spend time practicing their English they were always slow to leave.

For some this was the only place that someone seemed to care about them, to really want to hear their story, we know that everyone has a story. Let’s pray that their story will continue with a new ending that finds them as Children of God.

But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. -John 1:12

Allen Pelham

Come with us to NYC in 2012. Visit our Mission Trip Calendar on this blog or call 813-264-8727