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Experiencing Healing After You’ve Been Hurt

Experiencing Healing After You’ve Been Hurt


Have you ever been hurt by someone, something, or a circumstance? Getting hurt is normal in the human experience. You and I rarely are able to avoid it completely, nor do we usually see it coming. As much as death and taxes are inescapable, so is hurt. As long as we live on the earth in a fallen world filled with people born in sin, getting hurt by others is inevitable. So, how should we handle when we get hurt?

1.) Acknowledge the hurt.

You can’t start working on something you refuse to acknowledge actually hurt. Being emotional is not always seen as a positive in our culture, especially in the church. When we say that someone is being emotional it’s often used as an insult or dismissive. We are emotional beings because our Creator made us like Himself. If you’ve been hurt, acknowledge it. You are human. You don’t know it all. Only God does. Acknowledge who or what hurt you so you can start the process of healing.

2.) Address the hurt in prayer.

Hurt always comes as a surprise to you and I. I know why this happens. I’m going to tell you something that you may not hear everyday. Come close….you are not omniscient. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone the secret. Hope that didn’t come across too harsh. Whenever we get hurt, we need to take to the one that knew it was coming…our Heavenly Father. The Father knew what was going to happen before it happened to us. I’ve personally felt a little jaded towards the Lord in times I’ve been hurt because I wondered why He would allow that to happen to me. Why wouldn’t He stop it? But, when I address the hurt in prayer, even my disappointment in why He didn’t prevent it, the Spirit comforts my soul. God is eager to hear our prayers, so then we must give it all to Him; furthermore, we need to be willing to receive what He has to say to us as we process our hurt.

3.) Ask for Wisdom

After taking the time to address the hurt in prayer, ask the Lord for wisdom in your next steps. James 1:5 says, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” We experience a lot of emotions and feelings when we are hurt, so we need to make sure we respond in wisdom instead of reacting emotionally. Depending on the source of the hurt as well as the depth of it, we can make matters worst when we don’t ask for wisdom. God will freely give His wisdom usually through two avenues: His Word and His people. Seek Wisdom through the Scriptures that will guide you as well as wise saints who can walk alongside you.

4.) Apply God’s Wisdom Purposefully

Just as much as we can’t control when we get hurt, we won’t be able to control the speed of the healing process. As long as we intentionally apply His wisdom on purpose, we will continue to move to a place of healing. Also, as you proceed on purpose, make sure you proceed with patience. God will give us His wisdom, but He never gives a timeline. Personally, I always want to speed up to the part where I’m fully healed. I love to quickly move to the part where I see how this worked for my good. In reality, only the Lord knows how long it will take, so that should not be our concern. We need to just be obedient in what He commands us to do. Should we forgive? Should we extend grace? Should we schedule a time to meet with the person who hurt us? Do we need to seek therapy? Only you and the Lord know what you need to do. When you have clearly heard from Him, do what He tells you to do.

I pray that when you and I experience hurt in our lives that we will continue to trust in our Living Hope, who will always lead us to experience His healing. Healing from our hurts will set us up to move away from becoming bitter to becoming better.