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Family Prayer Altar Signup

Family Prayer Altar Signup

Designate a special weekly time and location for family prayer. Families move fast these days and may not have prayer times together. Why not start with one night each week when everything stops to read scripture and pray? This special time can be as unique in each home as each family is unique. It can grow into a weekly gathering that the family anticipates.

Be creative. After the first couple of prayer times, allow different family members to lead or contribute ideas for how to spend the time depending on ages and interests.

Special prayer times can be in the same location each week or different parts of the house or yard corresponding with praying for themes, family members, projects, activities, etc. Prayer times could include a special meal, singing, playing musical instruments or godly songs from playlists, creative drawing or art representing prayer requests or scriptures read, and even recording family prayers in a family prayer notebook or journal where answers to prayer are later recorded and celebrated in worship. Be sure to include thanksgiving in your prayers.

Keep things simple as you begin, and then let it take on the personality of the family. Remember that the main goal is to read scripture (even short passages initially) and to have prayer with your family.

Watch for occasional resources to encourage your family in prayer. To Register – Enter Family name, cell and email of one or two parents and names of family members.

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