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Financial Stewardship

It is Idlewild’s desire to help equip people to learn to apply God’s financial principles in order that they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, help fund God’s work, and teach others to do the same. We have excellent resources available for every age group. God’s Word has the answers you need and we have trained leaders ready to help you.

Financial Counseling

Do you need a little help moving from financial frustration to financial peace and freedom? Then let one of our trained volunteer Financial Counselor’s help you develop a personal budget, build a plan to get out of debt, and achieve spiritual and financial freedom. To learn more, call our Stewardship office at 813-264-8784.


An easy way to serve our Lord and Savior is by reaching out to the community through Food Bank donations.  The first Sunday of each month there are boxes beside Welcome Center 1 and 2 for collection of canned and boxed goods to feed those in need.  Food is distributed once a month based upon need to a list of registered families. Some people are homeless and others are just going through a short period of difficulty…..either way they need our help.  With so many of our brothers and sister in Christ struggling to make ends meet during these high inflationary times, please consider a financial donation to the Benevolence Fund to help so many in need.


 For distribution or to make a donation of non-perishable items or if you are in need of food please contact the Stewardship ministry at 813-264-8717. Questions? Email


Your donations are needed & appreciated!!!

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Latest Updates

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Rob Taylor

Minister – Men & Stewardship (813-264-8784)
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