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Hurricane Florence – NAMB

Hurricane Florence – NAMB


Cleanup and Recovery Team is on alert for callout.
In the wake of Hurricane Florence, we have been asked to gather a team of individuals that would be available for Cleanup and Recovery efforts.  Due to the flooding in North Carolina, we have been told to expect 95% mud-out and 5% chainsaw work.  Volunteers should be able-bodied individuals that are willing to tackle the tough job of emptying and partially gutting flood-damaged homes.
If you could be available for a one-week deployment from October 6th – 13thPlease Register Here.  


Please note, that our approval for deployment is still pending a full volunteer roster, state level assignment, and details from the assessment teams.


In addition, we are looking for two F250/2500 tow vehicles with brake control that can be used to tow our cleanup/recovery units.  Please contact the missions office directly if you are able to meet this need.


Outside of cleanup and recovery efforts: feeding, chaplain, and other volunteer needs are being called directly from the state convention office.  As always, certified volunteers can expect direct contact from the state DRM office if your service is needed.


Even before the hurricane hit, Southern Baptists were preparing to provide help and hope. During major crisis responses, NAMB works closely with national and local partners, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, state emergency management teams and other volunteer organizations like American Red Cross and The Salvation Army to coordinate an effective response.

Pray for the ongoing efforts. This will be a long-term response. When you give, you are directly resourcing state Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams in active response.