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Heartfelt Ministry Groups Starting Back Up…Join Now!

Heartfelt Ministry Groups Starting Back Up…Join Now!

Heartfelt Ministry is for women of all ages and stages – from 18 to 108! We are moms and daughters, sisters, friends. We are all friends who become family!

Do you sometimes feel alone, raising your children (child), trying to honor God in your home? Let some of us who have been there walk with you. Join us, just one evening a month for nine months starting Sept. 2019, for fellowship with a small group of ladies. We will serve dinner and open God’s Word together. Friendship with another Christian woman is a significant and beautiful and necessary thing!

CLICK HERE to sign up to join Heartfelt or get more information

♥ Our goal is a closer walk with God.

♥ Our vision is to encourage and build faith in the next generation of Christian women.

♥ Our mission is to pass on the legacy of faith and family to the next generation.

There is no room for lonely in the church! Making deeper, more authentic connections is what we are all about. No one should go through life alone during good times or bad. We are put into a church fellowship for a reason: to share life, to bear burdens, to share cares, to build one another’s faith, to provide support in our family’s life, to share this journey of faith in Jesus.

When asked what some of the Idlewild Heartfelt group’s experiences this past year have meant to them, the following were some of their comments:

  • I have not felt the kind of love experienced here except from my own mother, who lives out of town
  • The meetings have provided me with a peaceful break from my home where I have four children. The dinners are always so delicious, and when I cook from the recipes I’ve gotten at Heartfelt my family tells me I need to keep coming to get more recipes.
  • I felt so lonely when we moved to Tampa because of my husband’s business. Even when we joined Idlewild, which we love, I still felt very alone. Now with Heartfelt meetings, and the friendships I’ve developed here,  I feel much more connected and supported.  I also appreciate knowing that you are all praying for me.
  • The fact that the table is always set so beautifully, when at home it’s just throwing meals together, makes me feel so loved.
  • I’ve learned new insights from our Bible studies, and have enjoyed the fact that others in the group have shared their experiences and insights during our discussions.
  • My mom is not a Christian, and I so appreciate the way you moms listen to our concerns and give thoughtful suggestions based on Biblical concepts. It really gives me things to think about.
  • I love that the moms are real people and share how they think and plan – and even fix problems they encounter. It’s making me rethink how I approach problem solving.
  • It meant so much that Heartfelt moms reached out to my family with a meal when we had a death in the family.
  • I’ve felt loved, accepted, appreciated and encouraged by the Heartfelt meetings and group members. I have made it a priority to be at the meetings because I get so much out of them.  I think my family knows that this is something special for me.

“Our group was small and we so enjoyed getting to really know one another. We committed to not miss a gathering as we valued being together and the Heartfelt Moms provided an overwhelmingly thoughtful meal and time each month. So many details and delicious food!” – Amanda, Heartfelt Attendee

“Thank you for spoiling us with your hospitality, delicious meals, and thoughtful gifts. But above all else, with the Love of Jesus and His word. I will treasure the teachings and fun times we’ve had. This group has made a difference in my life and my marriage. May God bless you and your family.” -Diana, Heartfelt Attendee

“What has Heartfelt meant to me this year?  First, it helped me to move from just being a member of Idlewild Baptist Church to becoming a part of the church family. I had the wonderful opportunity of utilizing my spiritual gifts within a home setting; by offering encouragement and spiritual support to young mothers establishing their families. Just getting to know the moms and sisters in my group has truly been a blessing!  No matter how far I live away, the church family is worth driving the distance!” – Sherry, Heartfelt Mom

“Heartfelt meetings were amazing this year as we watched everyone slowly open up and eventually share their lives. The greatest testimony we heard at the end of our time together was how thankful they were that we were authentic and real with them and that even though we moms had gone through really hard times in life, we were still following God and that spoke volumes to them.” – Connie, Heartfelt Mom

“Heartfelt to me was like coming home to moms and sisters where I could get spoiled, through being fed, served, encouraged, prayed for, and supported.  I recommend all moms to go.” – Juliay, Heartfelt Attendee

“I was very close to not coming because I get anxiety and nervous around new people in big groups.  I called my sister on the way and she forced me to go.  Ha!! I literally wasn’t in the door for 2 seconds and felt so comfortable and welcomed. From the very second I walked into the home of my heartfelt mom group, I not only felt welcomed, but I felt loved and cared for.  I gained another family that provided me with a support group and encouragement.  I will forever hold these ladies dear to me.” – Candace, Heartfelt Attendee