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@HOME – 3/25

“So I sent messengers to them, saying,” I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down.” – Nehemiah 6:3

Do you ever feel like when authorities are telling us to self quarantine we just received a prison sentence in our own home? And now your kids are doing virtual school on line. And what about the homes who are seeing twice as much Dads with half as much money? Let me ask you a question. Is it possible God is giving opportunities like never before for families to get to know each other? Is it also possible God by His mercy is gracing us with time together as families for us to be stronger spiritually than we’ve ever been?

During these days we need to understand there are many things you could do. There are some things you will do. But there’s one thing you’ve got to do. God has mandated margins in our schedule to help with our families what schools, churches, work, or even our friends cannot do. No one else can be your wife’s husband, and no one else can be your children’s father, and absolutely no one else can be your child’s mother.

In the text above Nehemiah was building a wall that God had called him to build. His enemy Sanballet tried in many subtle ways to get him to come down. He tried discouragement, division, and even defamation. He sent him a letter and demanded he come off the wall and meet him in the plain of Ono. But Nehemiah said, “No to Ono.” Nehemiah said what every Mom and Dad must say during these days. “ I can’t come down. I’m doing a great work.” There you have it. 3 things that every parent knows in building a wall of protection you must have to make sure our families have Peace, Power, and Purpose. Involvement… “I am doing.” I’m not thinking about it, I’m doing it. Fulfillment .. a great.. not just good, but great. Accomplishment.. “I am doing a great work. Its a great work because its God’s work I am involved in and that’s parenting.

Dad and Mom, Single Moms, Single Dads, that’s our message to the Sanballets of this world. I Cannot Come Down… I’m raising my family.

I Cannot Come Down… I’m doing a great ministry.
I Cannot Come Down… I’m taking care of my Mom and Dad.
I Cannot Come Down… because I’m homeschooling my children.

It takes a Nehemiah’s determination. “That’s a great opportunity,” but I’m not coming down. “Everybody else is doing it,” but I’m not coming down.

It’s not the many things people want me to do. It’s the one thing God has called me to do. And that is to love and care and spend time with my family. Remind you of anyone? When Jesus was on the cross, they said,” Come down.” But He stayed on that cross. He didn’t let others’ ideas be His idea because He had God’s Big Idea. And that big idea was to redeem a family. And it’s still His Big Idea. Come on Mom. Come on Dad. Let’s say, “No to Ono.” You’re building a wall. You’re giving protection, peace, and purpose to your family. Stay on the Wall. Don’t come down. You’re doing a great work. And your Pastor is proud of you and cheering you on.