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@HOME – 5/11

Going Deep


“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” ( Luke 5:4)


In one short statement, Jesus told him where to go— “into the deep.” He told him, what to do— “let down your nets.” And He told him what to expect— “a great catch.” Simon Peter had been fishing all night, but catching nothing. When Peter obeyed, he was giving Jesus… Full Dominion, and when he obeyed immediately, he was giving Jesus, First Devotion. When he cast his nets in the deep, he was giving Jesus, Free Direction. But Jesus gave him a word we all need to hear today. He told him to cast his nets in the deep. Of course if you’re familiar with the story, you know he caught so many the net began to break. God did something even Peter couldn’t even imagine. So here’s our devotional question this morning.


How do you know God is getting ready to do something deep and new in your life?


Two Ways


What You’re Doing Now Is Not Working… Did you hear Peter’s words? We have “toiled” all night. In other words, we have worked, but it’s not working. Are you experiencing frustration, and even desperation because it just seems you’re working harder than you’ve ever worked, and you have nothing to show for it? Are you going to counseling, talking to your friends, asking for prayers, but you’re still struggling and your “nets” are still empty? Have you toiled and toiled only to find your nets are still empty? Could it be God is showing you I’m doing another work beyond your work? The question still remains.. will you obey God? Is God bringing you to an end so He can start a beginning? The second way to know He’s getting ready to do something big is this:


What God Is Asking You To Do, Doesn’t Make Sense… Ask any fisherman and they will tell you, that’s not how you catch fish? You can’t just throw your net into the deep end and expect to catch fish. This doesn’t make sense, Peter must have thought. Has God ever asked you to do something that didn’t make sense to you? Study His Word. Every time God does something supernatural it doesn’t seem natural. Here’s the question….


Will you still obey? Just because it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. It does to the One who is requesting. And Peter did exactly what Jesus asked. And when he did, there was a miracle on the other end of that net. So go ahead. Cast your net on the right side of your boat. What you’re doing isn’t working. And remember this. He’s getting ready to do something deep in your life. Give Him, Full Dominion. Give Him, Free Direction. Give Him, First Devotion. You too will see, God loves to work in the deep.


-Pastor Ken