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@HOME – 5/18

Earthworms For Sale


In honor of our 2020 graduates this the letter we gave to each of them yesterday.


A beautiful little Blue Jay flew high in the sky, proud of its plumage and beauty, knowing that as it flew,all eyes were turned on it. The little Blue Jay was without a doubt the most admired bird in the community. One day the little bird flew low, close to the tree tops. As he flew in and out among the trees, he spied a man dressed in black strolling down a little country lane.


“Earthworms for sale. “Earthworms for sale, the old man sang. The little Blue Jay thought, “Oh, how I love earthworms! I wonder how much they are.” Landing on the old mans shoulder, the little bird asked, “How much do you want for your earth worms? “Oh, they’re cheap,” old man answered. “Just one feather for one earth worm.” “Oh how I love earthworms,” the little bird thought. “No one would notice one little feather missing.” He plucked out one of his beautiful blue feathers and handed it to the old man in return for a delicious earthworm. Then he soared into the clouds, happy and content.


The following day the Blue Jay heard the old man singing his song. “Earthworms for sale. Earthworms for sale.” “Oh how I love earthworms, the little bird thought.” The worm tasted so good yesterday, and no one even noticed that I had a feather missing. Maybe I’ll have just one more.” So again he plucked a feather and traded it for another earthworm. The same scene was repeated the next day, and the next, and the next-until he plucked one feather too many. After he purchased a final earthworm , he could no longer soar into the sky. No matter how hard he flapped his wings, no matter how high he jumped, he couldn’t catch the wind in his remain feathers. He was so dejected over what he had done, he crawled into the tall grass beside the road and died.


Another Blue a jay flying overhead found his little friend, buried him under a giant oak tree, and placed the following on his headstone:

Here lies a poor old Blue Jay <br>Hush your note each bird that sings <br>Here lies a poor foolish Blue Jay <br>Who for earthworms sold his wings


Dear Graduate: Your Pastor and church, along with your Student Ministry and most of all your Parents, and Family, have spent years helping you to develop your wings.


My charge to you in these very unusual days, is that whatever you do, don’t sell feathers for earthworms. There are 2 choices in life. You can either soar with the birds that continue to dream and pursue their goals, or you can trade those feather dreams and spiritual aspirations for earthworms and live in deep regret. The paradox of this parable is that when you sell these feathers, you never know when you’ll stop soaring and be bound to live in the land of mediocrity. Your spiritual feathers are not for sale. This graduation for you becomes the runway for you to soar with God’s wind to achieve His very calling on your life. So, Fly.. Soar.. Make us all proud, and remember this: The birds you surround yourself with will help determine the heights to which you climb. Your Pastor loves you. I believe in you. May you soar to those glorious skies of living in the fullness of God’s best and His will. Just don’t forget… Your wings are not for sale. You were bought with a great price. You have paid a dear price. And these dreams, and spiritual aspirations… They are not: For Sale.


– Pastor Ken