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What Moves The Heart Of God


Because of this answer go; the demon has gone out of your daughter. (Mark 7:29)


I believe you would agree that there is no pain like parental pain. When a son or daughter hurts, parents hurt. And no one hurts like a Mom. Both Matthew, and Mark tell a remarkable story of a woman who came to Jesus because her daughter was vexed with a demonic spirit. Jesus is 40 miles from Capernaum trying to get some privacy when a concerned mother discovers He’s there and came to Him for help. Jesus is moved in his heart to help her. Of the 35 recorded miracles in the Gospels 4 directly involve women. It’s a fascinating story. Please know I am not giving you a formula, or steps “If you do this, God is obliged to do this.” God does not move because of our manipulation, intimidation, or our domination. But there are 3 things I see that this woman possesses that may help a hurting parent move the heart of God.




She didn’t keep it to herself. Parenting is the process of taking a little life and seeing it pass through your life and disappear into adulthood. She feels she has lost her daughter not only physically, but spiritually. She doesn’t keep it to herself. When Mark said she had an “unclean spirit,” that word means in a moral sense. Was she sleeping around? What we do know is she is a Gentile and has no claim to the Messiah, and her daughter is wrecked. Matthew says, ”she is cruelly possessed” (Matt,15:22 NASB).




She has 4 things going against her. Nationally… She’s a Gentile and Jesus is a Jew. Socially… She is a woman in a man’s world. Spiritually… Satan and all the hoards of hell are after her and her daughter. Personally… Jesus doesn’t even respond to her question. The disciples want her gone. Jesus acts as if He’s not interested. She bears her soul. She’s not leaving until she gets an answer. Jesus even, it seems, calls her a dog. Do you think maybe this was a test from Jesus? To test her involvement and commitment? Was she interested in the Man, or the miracle? When we get serious, Jesus gets serious. She was very intense in her words to Jesus. Are your prayers desperate? Does Jesus see intensity? Yes He does.




She knows if she receives anything it’s God’s grace. She’s not demanding, she’s begging. She came to the right person. She came with the right position. She came offering the right prayer. Are you a hurting Mom today? A hurting Dad today? Make your way to Jesus. Be open if you will. Be obstinate if you must. Be obedient in your want. When she came home the demons were gone. You wonder if the Mom ever told her daughter of her encounter with Jesus. “I met Him. I told Him. I knocked on His door more than once. We didn’t deserve it, but we got it.” And you can too, because these things move the heart of God.


-Pastor Ken