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IBC Women’s Blog

IBC Women’s Blog

I met Ruth this week

By Jodie Montgomery

Ruth is a Biblical phenomenon-an ancient book focused on a woman’s faith; a Moabitess that lives out the righteousness of God while the Israelites are “doing what is right in their own eyes”; and a widow aligning herself with another widow who is also her mother-in-law. Ruth amazes me.

Many see this book as a romance. I’m a Jane Austen and Hallmark girl and so I do enjoy a touch of romance. But I think the whole Bible is one big “romance”-my Creator making a way for me and you to be wedded to His amazing Son. Ruth doesn’t go for the man necessarily “easy on the eyes”. She has Biblical standards. I have realized through the years that Biblical standards lead to real joy, rest, and yes-deep love.

Four short chapters and I see the importance of identifying with the people of God; from bitterness to loveliness. I realize the provision of God; from famine to harvest. I enjoy the unique humor of God; from roadway to threshing floor to city gate. I sense the power of God; from barrenness to legacy. I appreciate the faithfulness of God; a covenant of redemption.   I am overwhelmed by the love of God; a Kinsmen Redeemer.

You and I need a Redeemer. You and I hope for Redeemer. You and I have a Redeemer that is willing, available, and able. There is no greater love than the love of God in Christ.

Blessed is the LORD who has not left you without a redeemer today. Ruth 4:14