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IBC Women’s Blog February 8, 2019

IBC Women’s Blog February 8, 2019

College Group By Jodie Montgomery

Our college ministry has home Bible Study groups each semester led by trained members of our church who are in college. My husband and I host one of the home groups. This is encouraging fun.

I am learning from these leaders: Jake, J.J., and Lydia. I’m learning to listen well to the teaching you receive so that you may share a good Word with others. I’m learning to be on time even when few others are. I’m learning to really hear others frustrations. I’m remembering that some incredible college students walk by faith when the big things in life like career, finances, and spouses are not all figured out.

I’m also hearing a lot about feelings but in the midst of some vulnerable sharing I’m seeing faith. Students committing to believe God’s promises even when they do not feel close to God. That is faith: believing in what we do not see or feel simply because God has revealed Truth through His supernatural Word. Many people go simply by what they feel. That is a big mistake. If I went by my feelings there would be a whole lot of wonderful that I would never have experienced. If I went by my feelings all the time, I would not please God.

What I admire most about these leaders is that they spend time preparing for their group because they see it as a privilege to share God’s Word, particularly the Gospel message. I have witnessed the three leaders have prayer time, Bible Study, and gracious hospitality whether they out number their group attendees or not. They sincerely believe that each one is worth the preparation and disciplined care they daily invest in others. They realize the leadership is growing them up too.

I admire their commitment to the ministry, their joyful gathering, and their obvious love for each one.

May God bless the gatherings in all our homes. Make our homes into places of joy, tenderness, and freedom to share, that no matter the circumstance, He is sufficient.

Philemon 7 For I have come to have much joy and comfort in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you, brother.