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IBC Women’s Blog July 26, 2019

IBC Women’s Blog July 26, 2019

Pink Flamingoes and Son In Laws by Jodie Montgomery

There is something about a pink flamingo float at the beach that makes me really happy. It is a bit of work to get a flamingo float fully functional especially if your battery operated pump needs new batteries and you are already seated under your Gator canopy on the beach, but the work is worth it to me. My children are all adults, not counting the gorgeous baby in Susan Grace’s belly which we are definitely counting, and yet I think a flamingo float is a necessity. The flamingo float is a family unifier.

As a mom, one of my greatest longings is for my family to enjoy one another. Flamingo floats make for fun. Harmony in the home is a continual prayer for most moms. Our greatest joy is children walking in truth (3 John 4) and evidence of that walk is unity in the family. The Book of Acts indicates that when one person in a family receives Christ as Lord it isn’t unusual for the whole family to believe. The family provides a means for the spread of the Gospel. Psalms encourages that God places the lonely in families. We are made for fellowship.

Our families can be a great source of comfort or a great cause of sorrow. Once a mom, always a mom. We are wired to want the best for our children. We are wired to long for their security and wholeness. We are wired to grieve the discord and dysfunction. We need to be intentional about blessing one another as family.

My mom got us our first flamingo float. The current float is our second one as the first failed to remain floatable. We also have a peacock float but his tail is flat so we do not talk about him as much. The flamingo float can comfortably seat two. Seating two is the funny part. It takes strength and great self-abasement to get onboard. I found myself quite topsy-turvy on my latest float outing (no pictures available for these moments).

The pinnacle of flamingo float happiness occurred for me this past fourth of July when I witnessed my son-in-law Gannon taking out the flamingo float while my hubby Scott joined him with the peacock. Two grown men on floats in the Gulf of Mexico, calmly embracing the waves, my son-in-law even wearing my beach hat, gave me hope for world peace. I wish I could replicate these gentlemen in every home.

Enjoy your family and consider some ways to add laughter in the home. Stage a water balloon ambush on dad with the kids. Blow bubbles during sunset. Make favorite cookies together. Plan game nights regularly. Turn on some great music and hum loudly. Pick up a frisbee (we lost five straight games of KanJam to Suz and Cody). My son Samuel brought a big box of Spike Ball in his suitcase all the way from Arkansas just cause he wanted to stage some fun. Family is precious.

Acts 3:25 It is you who are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which God made with your fathers, saying to Abraham, ‘And in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed.’