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IBC Women’s Blog June 21, 2019

IBC Women’s Blog June 21, 2019

Ezekiel is Graphic By Jodie Montgomery

I am dragging my feet. I have reached Ezekiel as I continue to read through the Bible with the reading plan in the devotional I wrote (thought I should read my own book as didn’t take time to when writing it). I know that after Ezekiel, most of the remaining books in the Bible are significantly shorter reads than the books I have covered to this point. I think that the remaining books are easier to understand. Yes, I’m including Revelation in that thought. I’m longing for the next books and entering the New Testament with pages full of God incarnate. But, I’m dragging my feet in Ezekiel because I am just not sure I’m taking it in quite as I should.

When I read Ezekiel, I realize that I do not comprehend the seriousness of sin. I do not mourn the destruction, the death brought as a consequence of sin.

When I read Ezekiel, I realize I do not appreciate the depth of God’s love. I do not appreciate the multitudes of ways God warns, rebukes, and tries to redirect His children. I groan for His messengers. Oh Ezekiel, your wife…

When I read Ezekiel, I realize I do not recognize the complete goodness of God. I do not recognize that goodness demands justice. I do not recognize that goodness embodies just authority.

When I read Ezekiel, I am appalled. I am appalled by my idolatry in the face of holy God. I am appalled at my unfaithfulness to the One who never abandons His children. I relate to the whores in Ezekiel.

When I read Ezekiel, I have renewed hope. I read in chapters 34-37 that God fights and defeats evil. I read of His New Covenant and how He raises our dry bones to new life. I read of God’s justice. I read of God’s full restoration of all creation. I read God purposes to “tabernacle” be present with His people and I am amazed. God remembers the details of every one of His promises in Ezekiel.

Not many teach or preach through Ezekiel. I think it is hard. Yet in the hardness, the brokenness, we have hope. Those in Him will return to His garden.

Ezekiel ends with this highlight… “and the name of the city from that day shall be, ‘The Lord is there.’”