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IBC Women’s Blog October 13, 2016

IBC Women’s Blog October 13, 2016

Risky Group Texting by Jodie Montgomery

My family suggested I write a blog on group texts. I’m not sure if this is their way of ranting about being repeatedly interrupted by group text chains or if they are thinking of my all too frequent group text faux pas.  I find that group texts are a very risky business. For starters, in many group text situations, you do not know who is represented unless their contact info. is in your phone. For me, this is complicated by the fact that I do not put contact info. in my phone for every number that shows up or for those people that get on my nerves a bit (this is not a loving characteristic and my family calls me passive aggressive for my selective contact creation).  Knowing whom you are texting is important in optimizing sensitivity to everyone’s feelings. At this time of year, I would suggest that knowing the political inclinations of everyone in a group text is probably wise…apparently my bumper sticker post did not amuse all group text participants and the communications that followed detracted from the original purpose of the group text.

Group texts are also challenging because oftentimes I just don’t want my phone crazily notifying me that another text has come in and I do not like seeing a 57 by my little texting bubble display after ignoring my phone for five minutes.  I find that oftentimes, the responses are not that exciting. After all, how many ways can each member of the group say thanks for including them? Or congrats? Or yes? Or see ya then…?  Also, I have yet to figure out how to gracefully drop out of a group text without sending the implied message  “stop mistaking me for someone who thinks this group text is relevant or interesting”.

Chaos and disorder can be group text issues. I tend to jump in with a comment that then gets listed after a few other comments that I haven’t read and ultimately my comment makes no sense at all or sadly has me appear to be agreeing to something that I had no idea would pop up in the texting chain.  For example, this week I agreed to a dinner of movie theater food when the last text I had read was for taco night. I even had an exclamation point after my yes which means I’m really not getting tacos and  I’m emphatically spending a crazy amount of money on lame nachos. I’m grieved.

Sometimes I think that I want communication to be a little more personal than a group text but I do understand that efficiency sometimes overrides the personal touch and it is encouraging to be included in a group. Actually, for communicating with those that get on your nerves, it may be best to communicate in a group that will hold you accountable to keep your communications loving.  Here is a word from His Word on good communications.

Ephesians 4:29 Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.

I’m so thankful He gave His grace to the group that had ears to hear!