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IBC Women’s Blog Post October 24, 2019

IBC Women’s Blog Post October 24, 2019

Move together through Acts: Chapters 19-20 by Jodie Montgomery

Acts 20:9-12 And there was a young man named Eutychus sitting on the window
sill, sinking into a deep sleep; and as Paul kept on talking, he was overcome by
sleep and fell down from the third floor and was picked up dead. But Paul went
down and fell upon him, and after embracing him, he said, “Do not be troubled,
for his life is in him.” When he had gone back up and had broken the bread
and eaten, he talked with them a long while until daybreak, and then left. They
took away the boy alive, and were greatly comforted.

Have you ever fell asleep during the sermon? I have caught myself nodding off a
time or two…or three… or…. One of my earliest church memories was when I was
in college and I went to my Great Uncle Don’s Lutheran assembly. We got pretty
dressed up; Great Uncle Don in full suit and tie, shined shoes. We quietly greeted
many as we entered the sanctuary and sat at the end of a pew as Great Uncle Don
had the responsibility of passing the offering plate. I did not know what that
entailed. I learned that meant you needed to be awake. Mid sermon Great Uncle
Don was snoring and I was pretending to not hear him. I have no idea what the
sermon was about that day, but Great Uncle Don jumped to his feet when he got
nudged that it was time to serve.

Years later in our church, I sat in a pew watching one of the youth pastors that
was stationed in a great chair on the podium. Each week a few select pastors sat
in the great chairs on the podium as the pastor preached. They were in clear view
and I think had the role of demonstrating to the congregation how to listen well,
most took notes. I was watching this particular pastor as I knew he had just gotten
back from a youth retreat. I was wondering if he would be able to stay focused.
Many youth pastors have the label ADHD. I started praying for him when I
realized his snoozing might cause a deacon stir. I got really concerned as his
notebook seemed to be slipping off of his lap….

Some think that Acts 20:9-12 about the drowsy Eutychus is a weird passage to
include in the Bible. I don’t. I get it. Paul reveals the graciousness of God in great
detail in his treatment of the youth. Sometimes the most biblical thing we can do
is sink into a deep sleep. God’s law dictates rest for a very loving reason. He cares
about our well-being.

I also enjoy this account as I think that some of the very “human” incidents
recorded in the Bible verify the Bible’s reliability. The great historians forget to
focus on where I reside, but God sees me and you and knows our struggles. We
can rest well in His love.