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IBC Women’s Blog Post October 31, 2019

IBC Women’s Blog Post October 31, 2019

Move together through Acts: Chapters 21-22 by Jodie Montgomery


Acts 22:12-16 “A certain Ananias, a man who was devout by the standard of the Law, and well spoken of by all the Jews who lived there,  came to me, and standing near said to me, ‘Brother Saul, receive your sight!’ And at that very time I looked up at him. And he said, ‘The God of our fathers has appointed you to know His will and to see the Righteous One and to hear an utterance from His mouth. For you will be a witness for Him to all men of what you have seen and heard. Now why do you delay? Get up and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on His name.’

I’m thinking about the many devout people that have spoken wisdom into my life. Ananias bravely went to Paul in obedience to the Lord’s directions and gave Paul the encouragement to lead a hard ministry as the messenger of God. In my life, there have been numerous women who have come to me through the years and encouraged me to live as God would appoint His children.

My mom is brilliant and hard working. She encourages many to be strong and generous. She directed me to study hard and be kind. She has modeled perseverance and faithfulness to family and friends.

Grandma Burns created a fun environment for me to enjoy the simple things in life: baking, crafts and board games. She helped me realize that material gain is not necessarily the greatest blessing. Our love for one another helped me during times of loneliness and confusion. She opened my eyes to being an encourager.

Several Bible Study teaching and group leaders have taught me God’s precepts that would ultimately save my marriage and encourage me to become a mom. They helped establish my home. Their teaching also convicted me to leave parachurch ministries and even my profession, consulting engineering, to serve in His Body, the church. The guidance has directed me to get up and wash away my sins, calling on His name.

I regularly have the joy of serving with women that are devout in the faith, prayer minded servants that care about the hurting and the helpless. They aren’t waiting for a special word from God. They already know His will and are acting on it; enjoying the disciplines of the faith, expressing thankfulness, and blessing others. Every believer needs the acquaintance of an Ananias as in this realm, the temptation to sit back and remain blinded can be overwhelming.