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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – August 20, 2020

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – August 20, 2020

Bible Study Buddy

By Allison McCoy


Do you have a Bible study buddy?  In the photo above, I’m pictured with my first Bible study friend.   When we first met in 1997, I was settling into married life, in a new city, separated from my twin sister Heather for the first time. I was lonely and looking for connection, not only with God but with others.  


Halfway through the study, in walked Lisa who had just moved to Tampa as well.  She was about my age and not quite married.  We quickly hit it off and so did our husbands — what a bonus!  But, Lisa possessed something I didn’t — spiritual maturity.  Her countenance exuded Christ and her Bible knowledge was deep.  She didn’t just know the Bible, she lived it!


I still remember many parking lot conversations after Bible study where she helped me process what we just learned. I still have “classic” Christian books she gave me as gifts.  I still relish opportunities to reconnect even though her family now lives on the west coast.  

Lisa is just one of many that God has connected me with through corporate Bible study.  I have developed some of my deepest friendships with fellow Bible study members.  They are women who have encouraged me in my spiritual growth, who have prayed with me and over me, who have brought me meals after babies and surgeries, who have comforted me in times of distress and who have celebrated life’s joys with me!


God used Bible study not only to connect me to Himself but also to others in authentic community around His Word. This is why I am so passionate about corporate Bible study!  Sure, we could do it alone but God created us for connection to Him and with others. Regardless of what Bible study might look like in the Fall, in person or via Zoom, I don’t want to miss out on the connections He has for me, both to Him and with others!