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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – August 31, 2023

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – August 31, 2023

God’s Sweat “Sesh”

By Allison McCoy

On most Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, you’ll find me clicking on to Zoom to meet up with my workout buddies. This group of 4-5 women formed during COVID, having met through our Orangetheory membership. To work out together, we usually follow along on a YouTube video of a favorite fitness trainer. Truth be told, we could do this on our own.  But, the reality is, we won’t. I don’t. I need the accountability this group offers to show up and to put the work in needed to keep my body healthy. The same is true of Bible study.

I’ve always studied the Bible corporately – in groups with other women. It’s how Bible study was first introduced to me, so I’ve experienced the benefits from the start of my Christian walk. I remember the first time I showed up at Bible study, apprehensive and afraid yet a little excited. Totally new to the Bible, I didn’t even know that the teacher was referring to a book of the Bible when she said, “Turn to Numbers 23.” Thankfully, God was gracious in that my fresh-out-of-the-box Bible “coincidentally” opened to those pages. From day one, I have seen God “show up” to help me but also how corporate study introduces me to verses, even whole books of the Bible, I probably would not read on my own!

As my cohort of workout buddies have huffed and puffed together, groaning while at the same time laughing at certain exercises like the “crab dance,” we’ve not only grown stronger together but also shared in one another’s lives. They have helped me better understand the world around me. The same is true of Bible study!

I’ve met incredible women through Bible study who have helped me grow stronger spiritually. My faith muscles have been strengthened through the weekly discussions as I’ve gained insight into God’s character by listening to how others have personally applied the scriptures to their circumstances and relationships. Those faith muscles have also been exercised when I don’t agree with another. The stretching and bending needed to see something from a different perspective isn’t always easy and at times voicing a contrary opinion has been difficult but it has been beneficial none the less in the development of my faith muscles.

While some mornings I am reluctant to join my workout buddies, I never regret it when the sweat sesh is completed. So, start exercising your faith muscles by joining one of our Fall Bible Study groups aka God’s sweat seshs, beginning the week of September 11. Find a group just right for you at A description of the classes can be found by clicking on “groups.”

Reach out to me if you have any questions,