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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – Guest Post

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – Guest Post


By Jasmine Luter

I have a seven and four year old and if they are like most other siblings, sibling rivalry incidents happen often. I’ve noticed that quarantine sometimes seems to heighten the incidents in frequency and intensity. For the most part my young children do get along and are the best of friends, but when they fight – they fight!! When they get into arguments, I’ve recently been asking them about what they say to one another and I use the common saying “ is it true, is it kind, is it necessary?”

I realize that adults should set the example on social media. We can apply this question to our communication,  can’t we?Our church campus is getting ready to do a study on the book Undivided by JD Greer and Dhati Lewis, studying how to be better bridge builders especially given the social unrest due to injustice that is currently going on. As a part of doing the study most of us participating will do a fast from the news and social media. I think it’ll be a great reset and refocus for us collectively and individually. (Also If you’re reading this I would encourage you to join us on Thursday nights!!! We’d love to have you!)

I’ve already been starting to avoid social media these days as it’s so full of debating and people being unkind to one another, believers and nonbelievers. As believers we should be an example for nonbelievers and our social media posts should be evidence of that. I’ve seen people post things which are untrue, unkind, and unnecessary. In posting, I usually take a step back and before posting, pray and ask myself does this uplift Jesus, would He be pleased? Am I showing His light through this post? Why am I posting this? Am I trying to start a debate or an argument? Depending on the answer to those questions then I’ll proceed.

We must check our hearts and our intentions and motives because the heart of man is deceitful. “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.” ( Proverbs 21:2). Also before posting an article of some sort I’ll do my due diligence and research first to make sure the information is accurate and again pray before posting, checking intentions and motives.

I have a good friend of mine who is a sounding board for me (and me for her) regarding social media and posts. She’s white and I’m African American. She asks questions and tries to get enlightenment from my perspective and is even doing her own research reading books to learn more about history and issues affecting the African American community. I can’t tell you how much, as a minority, I greatly appreciate her empathy.  She represents to me the kindness of God in her diligence in becoming a bridge builder and helping to influence change. I would encourage more of my non-African American brothers and sisters in Christ and even nonbelievers as well take a similar approach, gain perspective from another, when they want to be vocal and to see issues of injustice cease, to help build the bridge. Even though these issues of injustice have not personally affected my friend she has taken it upon herself to learn and grow and come alongside. I feel that’s what Jesus has done and would do. He talked to the Samaritan woman when no one else would and often willingly chose to talk to the outcasts and those in society who were seen as “less than”.

I believe social media is a great platform, especially given today’s culture, to be a light and to show Jesus to one another. As believers we should definitely show others His love and what we choose to post to social media should most certainly be a reflection of His mercy especially in these days and times. Before posting I pray and encourage you to do a heart check and honest assessment and ask yourself the question: is it true, is it kind, is it necessary? And most importantly ask, would Jesus be pleased and honored?

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” ( Ephesians 4:29)