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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – July 6, 2023

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – July 6, 2023

Edinburgh, Old and New

By Jodie Montgomery

In Edinburgh, old and new cities parallel. We walked the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Scott and I went “underground” in Mary Kent’s Close to see the streets where industry ultimately built a city above even though the Black and Bubonic Plagues presented an enemy from within. Historians say that John Knox (reformer in the 1500s) inspired a national system of education which led to Scotland’s literacy. We see the evidence of a love for writers as Scotland has many statues dedicated to their literary giants including one of Edinburgh’s most iconic landmarks, a statue to Sir Walter Scott, the largest monument to a writer in the world. Education, throughout the world, is part of Scotland’s legacy.

Our highlight in the old city was hearing the choir sing in St. Giles Cathedral. Many tourists visit the cathedral at the heart of Edinburgh. The voices of many languages are shared within this cathedral’s walls, a tourist attraction drawing from all over the world. The choir sang, among many gorgeous pieces, these words by songwriters Brian Johnson, Phil Wickham, Bill Johnson and Chris Davenport, “How I long to breathe the air of Heaven. Where pain is gone and mercy fills the streets. To look upon the One who bled to save me and walk with Him for all eternity. There will be a day when all will bow before Him. There will be a day when death will be no more. Standing face to face with He who died and rose again. Holy, holy is the Lord. And every prayer we prayed in desperation.  The songs of faith we sang through doubt and fear. In the end, we’ll see that it was worth it when He returns to wipe away our tears… And on that day, we join the resurrection and stand beside the heroes of the faith with one voice, a thousand generations. Sing, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain”…”Forever He shall reign. So let it be today we shout the hymn of Heaven. With angels and the saints, we raise a mighty roar. Glory to our God who gave us life beyond the grave. Holy, holy is the Lord…”

The music stood in contrast to so much in that moment. But the message was clear. Where old and new come together, there can be a hope that transcends the ages.

Psalm 146:5-7 “Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God, Who made heaven and earth, the sea and everything that is in them; Who keeps faith forever; Who executes justice for the oppressed; Who gives food to the hungry. The Lord frees the prisoners.”

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