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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – June 22, 2023

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – June 22, 2023

Journey with Me, Please

By Jodie Montgomery

People love sharing their travel experiences. My Great Uncle Don journeyed all over the world. I think he set foot in every country on the planet. He got the traveling bug when he served in the military during World War II in Greenland monitoring aircraft.

I lived near my Great Uncle Don when I was going to the University of Maryland. He was in Leisure World and I was in a tiny apartment in College Park. I would visit him for an evening out and rest…and then I expressed interest in his travels.

His slide shows went, literally, for hours. He liked taking pictures of flora and fauna, buildings and people, road signs and food (prior to social media, my uncle the trail blazer…). Family members contacted me and thanked me for being the outlet for Great Uncle Don’s travel synopses. Great Uncle Don might also nod off listening to himself talk about each location and find. One visit, he had made food for three of us visiting and I had to keep his head from hitting his plate. It was a surreal night, one of the others that evening liked the jam so much that she used the dainty feeding spoon to feed herself the entire contents of the jam dish rather than pass it to another who wanted the jam. I learned ways to stay attentive and considerate while pausing between slides to listen to Great Uncle Don snore a bit. There was so much about the travel logs I really enjoyed. I just suffered from information overload on so many levels (school factored into the overload) and concerns about using public transportation to get back to my so-so lodgings late at night. Great Uncle Don relished reliving the adventure. I enjoyed his joy in the journey.

I traveled this summer with the Idlewild choir and orchestra to Scotland and Ireland. Based on my Great Uncle Don slideshow days, I am hesitant to ask you to travel through my travels as, over the next several weeks of blogs, I write about what I experienced. But I feel compelled to write about the journey. I hope you will join me. I appreciate that the reader gives of yourself in celebrating the blessings of another, and travel does involve the blessing of numerous resources. So, in thought of the reader, I commit to limiting the number of pictures, keeping the blogs short, and connecting the journey to our Creator as considering His view of the world is really where the journey gets interesting.

Song of Solomon 3:7 “Behold, it is the traveling couch of Solomon; sixty warriors around it, of the warriors of Israel.”

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