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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – November 2, 2023

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – November 2, 2023

I Planted Pumpkin Seeds

By Jodie Montgomery

I have a new appreciation for the establishment of life. I planted pumpkin seeds. I bought the seeds for all sizes of pumpkins. My husband rented a tiller and beat up the ground of a large area next to our weedy azalea bed. I ate the dust with him. We pulled the broken-up weeds out of the large area. To do a proper job of eliminating weeds would have taken several weekends. So, we didn’t do a proper job. We moved soil from a muck pile on our property, a product of other earth moving work and some physical aches and pains. The wheelbarrow tires are getting flat. We got bags of garden soil and mixed those bags with the muck. There is dirt under all our nails, it even snuck into our toe crevices though we had on socks and boots in over 90 degree weather. We must be stubborn people. We really have no plans for these pumpkins, just a thought of learning to grow something. We were so set on having the seeds in by the end of day that we starting making little pumpkin soil mounds, 8 inches apart but ended up dumping the remaining seeds randomly as the sun was setting. Mom bought pine straw to cover the planted pumpkins as she knew they needed some covering in the heat. She also thought we had lost our minds and so made a big sympathy move. We think if we get pumpkins, they will average about $150/pumpkin because of our investment in this project. I’m not sure I understand the term cash crop. It isn’t easy to establish life.

Within ten days, sprouts of green showed where we had placed pumpkin seeds. These green sprouts produced vines that flowered. We noticed other creatures on property opposed the establishment of pumpkin life. The deer ate the flowers and the ants got the gourds of any surviving flowers that were turning into pumpkins. This was all amazing to witness and frustrating as new life was readily snuffed out. It isn’t easy to establish life.

My husband bought us t-shirts that say “pumpkin whisperer”. We wear them even though we are not. It isn’t easy to establish life.

I’ve learned a number of lessons through pumpkin seed planting. To create is an awesome thing, only One is Creator. Life involves work, protective work. Enemies to life shouldn’t be surprising. Fruit depends on keeping enemies out. It isn’t easy to establish life.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”

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