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IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – November 5, 2020

IBC Women’s Ministry Blog – November 5, 2020

November and Loved Ones … and FOOD Week 1

By Jodie Montgomery and Loved Ones
Psalm 104:14 He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the labor of mankind, so that they may produce food from the earth,…
For November, I’m blogging about some of my favorites: people and the food we love. We will be featuring a few mother/daughter teams and their favorite recipes. In ministry, there are women who come alongside one another and serve as they long for women to be affirmed in the Lord’s specific love for them. Although ministry typically involves working hard and fast, covering the next class needing completion, there is opportunity to get to know the co-laborers a little better and to be thankful for the great gift of partners in ministry. We are friends.
This week Nicole Brinson and her mom, Terri Felten are sharing a family favorite dish. Nicole is our Women’s Ministry Social Media Coordinator and Terri is our Resource Specialist, as well as administrative guru as she sees a need. Here is their collective insight on a good way to share sweet potatoes….

I knew right away which recipe we would share about, when Jodie asked us! My mom’s “Festive Sweet Potato”. No holiday (in my mind) is complete without it. Mom has also been known to make it on request…although the last time dad requested it – no one thought to save me any…nor was I invited to partake…but regardless, I’m not holding a grudge. 

This particular dish is great as leftovers too! But it is not friendly to anyone tracking their macros: specifically fat or carbohydrates. I’m more than happy to forego dessert for an extra helping. 

Turning things over to mom now…

Our family favorite for any large family gathering is “Festive Sweet Potato”.  It is a must have for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and at any other time Nicole deems necessary. This recipe was given to me years ago, by a wonderful lady that helped me with Children’s Church at a church we attended when Nicole and Ralphie were very young.  

I have to double the recipe for my family…so that there are leftovers!



We hope you enjoy, 

Terri Felten & Nicole Brinson